Monday, March 21, 2011

And The Battle Just Goes On And On....

Everybody knows
It hurts to grow up
And everybody does
It's so weird to be back here
Let me tell you what
The years go on and
We're still fighting it...
-Ben Folds
Even after all I've studied and learned, I'm still fighting the battle between Good and Evil, Dark and Light, between Consciousness and Unconsciousness. Here's the thing: this is a battle that never ends. There can be no final victory. This is why the classic tales of Good v Evil never go out of style, and always resonate with us.

Every moment is a choice, except, choice implies Conscious action. For the most part, we are creatures of Unconscious habit. We don't bother to choose the thoughts we think, which would give us a great deal of control in what happens to us in our lives. Instead, we let our Subconscious mind run the show. Like an airplane on automatic pilot, we can make slight adjustments here or there, but we always end up going in the basic direction our subconscious autopilot program takes us. What's required, if we wish to truly change direction, is to reprogram the automatic pilot.

The subconscious mind is not for or against anything; it is absolutely neutral, and only runs the programs we have given it to run. These programs are designed to keep us moving in the direction of our beliefs. When we have a thought that runs contrary to our deeply held beliefs, the subconscious mind is designed to dismiss it, or even to rally against it. But, as Abe-Hicks says, a belief is only a thought you keep thinking. The more you think a thought, the more it "solidifies" into a belief, and becomes part of the program of the subconscious.

Then there are those thoughts which resonate within us on a much higher level. Things like, "We are limitless beings," or "We create our own reality," are the kind of thoughts that we may or may not consciously believe, but regardless, we feel the truth of them on some level. Our Higher Self knows that these things are absolutely true, but the Lower Self, which includes the Ego and the Subconscious mind, may have created programs which negate the Truth for our life experience. There is nothing inherently bad, or good, about it; it is just the way it IS.

If we want things in our lives to change, we must first change the programming of our Lower Self. To do this is to engage in an epic battle, a jihad (in the actual sense of the word), an unending struggle, between the Forces of Consciousness and the Forces of Habit in our lives. We have to fight against the beliefs we hold that hold us apart from what we want. ...Okay, "fight" isn't really the right word here. What we resist persists, and fighting a belief will only serve to strengthen it. Remember, a belief is only a thought you keep thinking, so, to change a belief, while tricky, all you have to do is think, think, and continue to think, different thoughts that align with your Conscious desires. By displacement, the new belief will eventually oust the old belief, and the reflection in reality will be felt immediately thereafter. In short, as Master Yoda said, we must unlearn what we have learned.

And so, the battle rages on. And I aim to unlearn the beliefs I have accumulated that are making me and keeping me miserable, such as:
-I don't like spending money
-I never have enough money
-Nobody ever sticks around for me
-Maybe I'll never find the right person for me
-I hate this or that
-My body is falling apart
-There is limitation and lack all around me
-I'm not qualified for any of the jobs I see
-Life is hard

Instead, I aim to displace them with positive, high-vibration beliefs, by repeating them consciously, again and again, every day, as often as possible. Things like:
-It is fun to spend money
-Money flows to me easily and freely
-People enjoy being around me, and I enjoy them
-The right person for me is out there somewhere
-This or that which I don't like is okay because it lets me know what I do like
-My body is designed to heal itself
-The Universe is abundant and limitless, and so am I
-I have many skills and talents I can use in the workplace
-Life is easy

Life SHOULD be easy; I consciously realized this fact at age 9, when I noticed that some people really did have it easy. Even though my whole life had been underscored by the belief, passed down from my mother, that life was hard, I could see that wasn't true for everyone. Some people could make ease their truth. Why couldn't ease be true for me, as well?

Why can't it be true for you? What beliefs are holding you back from an easy life? How will you "change your mind" about them? Until you do, the autopilot will always bring you back to your subconscious "comfort zone." ...Believe that.
You have to let it all go, Neo: Fear, Doubt and Disbelief. Free Your Mind.

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