Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Polarity, One of Life's Great Secrets

The physical world is built upon the foundation of duality: yin and yang, dark and light, in and out, left and right. Energy flows in one direction, but there must be two points for there to be a flow in the first place. That flow is what drives the process of Creation, and we are either going with the flow, or against it, at any given time.

We are like batteries, with a positive pole and a negative pole. Creative Energy flows through us, from the positive to the negative, just like an electrical current. And, like the atom, our positive pole is at the center, our negative pole outside us. Positive Energy -- Love, Joy, Gratitude -- flows outward from the center of us; Negative Energy -- Fear, Anger, Grief -- flows inward, against the natural flow. This is also called, "resistance," because that condition resists the natural flow of Pure Positive Energy from Source.

I got to thinking about this today, because I know my resistance to my desires is great right now. And I realized that all energy must follow similar laws. So, when talking about resistance, Ohm's Law should apply.


"I" is current, "V" stands for voltage, and "R" equals resistance. This law, applied to electrical circuits, demonstrates how freely current flows. In plainer English, Current is directly proportional to voltage, and inversely proportional to resistance. The higher the voltage (or potential), the greater the current, but, the greater the resistance, the current flow decreases.

Applying Ohm's Law to the Creative Force, reads thus: The Creative power of Thought is in direct proportion to the intensity of the Emotion behind it, and inversely proportional to the self's resistance.

In electrical models, the Law normally assumes resistance as a constant, but it is not. That is just a practical concession. All three are variable, depending on the situation. So it is with Creative Energy. But there is one thing that is constant: the current, or the natural flow of energy, always goes in one direction.

Resisting the natural flow, through negative thinking and feelings, is like putting your batteries in backwards. The Force flows through you, from the inside out. When you resist the flow, you are in "Dark Side mode." Anger, Fear, Aggression... These resist the Natural Flow of the Force that Creates Worlds.

One other thing the application of Ohm's Law to Creative Energy suggests: the more intensely you feel, the faster you create. If you feel very happy, or very sad, you will see the subject of your thought reflected in your life experience faster than if you only felt a little happy, or a little sad.

So, release resistance, and get excited, and your dreams will come true. It is Law.

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