Saturday, March 5, 2011

Emotional Chemistry

Good Morning!

How are thought and emotion connected? They are; they must be. Certain thoughts make me feel a certain way, depending on their direction and polarity. In other words, good thoughts feel good, bad thoughts feel bad. The more I think thoughts of lack, or worry, or loss, the worse I feel. The more I think thoughts of abundance, or appreciation, the better I feel. This is obvious.

By now, I have done enough research to understand that the chemicals in my brain are not in the same balance as in "normal" people's. When I feel depressed, there is likely more dopamine than serotonin bathing my brain cells. Emotion and brain chemistry must also be linked. One clearly affects the other. The question is, which is the cause, and which is the effect? Or are they mutually affected--one changes, so must the other?

If the physical situation is the cause of the mental/emotional situation, then pharmaceutical remedies should work. But, if you notice, the drug business hasn't made healthcare that much better. Every day, drug commercials air on public media, and the side effects usually outnumber the intended effects of the drug. And the number of times the words "death," "fatal," or "life-threatening" are listed among those side effects seems to be on the rise, as well. Every day, dozens of law firms advertise dozens of class action suits you can get in on, if you have taken some specific medication and gotten somehow sicker. For all the people pharmaceutical medicine does help, it does not help them all, so, chemistry cannot be the cause.

I find that it is not always easy to change the way I feel by psychological methods. And it's harder when the feeling is strong, or extended over time. In other words, if I have been feeling a certain way for a while, it's like I'm stuck there. Drugs can help this, true, but, add that to the cycle, and it becomes like a crutch; without the drugs, the emotions go haywire, which means the chemicals are going haywire, which means, now the added chemistry of the drugs has become essential to the mix.

I find that distasteful, and unacceptable.

I, as a Conscious Human Being, should be able to direct my own emotions, should I not? I should be able to direct my thoughts in a positive way, thereby exciting the chemical bath of my brain to a better balance, and raising my emotional status. ..."Should." So why is it so hard? Clearly, the mental/emotional side is not the cause, either.

In order to raise my vibrational frequency (the better the feeling, the higher the frequency; we'll come back to that in a later blog) I need to focus on both sides of the equation. Spirit, and Body. There are methods, such as EFT and yoga, which can help with this, and I have been using them, but maybe less than I could. Time to step things up, I suppose.

In short, physical health and mental/emotional health are not separate things, and they should not be treated as such. Feeling better literally means everything.

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