Sunday, March 13, 2011

Read/Seen Any Good Books/Movies Lately?

Good morning!

I'd like to take some time to share a book I just read. It's called Beyond Positive Thinking (Formerly "The Advanced Formula for Total Success") by Dr. Robert Anthony. It had a lot of information I already knew, but it was presented in such a way that I understood more about the mechanism of it, how it really works, which is kinda my thing. I'm a huge fan of theory and reverse engineering. How and Why.

If you haven't clicked on that link yet, you're putting off doing an enormous favor to yourself. What I really loved about it was that its structure was exactly what I believed it should be, which is to take you through the four Essential Universal Laws in reverse. It is written, in other words, as "The Way Up."

The four Essential Universal Laws are these:
- The Law of One ~ E=mc^2 / All is One
- The Law of Octaves (Hermetic Law) ~ As Above, So Below
- The Law of Attraction ~ That Which Is Like Unto Itself Is Drawn
- The Law of Causality (or Karma) ~ Every Action Has An Equal And Complementary Reaction

In this order, they are "The Way Down," because it is in this order that the Fall of Man took place. In short: we came from the One, recognized the duality of the world, attracted ourselves into the world, and are now bound by its Karma. Dr. Robert Anthony takes you one step at a time through a process of deliberate creation. This book raises vibration.

Books like this make me want to shout about the Common Thread from the rooftop. It reminds me of all of the great Common Thread stories out there. Sure, we can look in the obvious places: the Bible, teachings of Buddha, the Gita, Plato, etc. But there are other, newer parables set to teach this process: The Star Wars saga is one. So is The Matrix trilogy -- in fact, put together, all of the movies thus far produced by the Wachowski siblings carry the ancient mathematical code of the Common Thread. Believe it or not, the Harold and Kumar movies actually follow the formula of the Common Thread.

If you're still wondering, what's the Common Thread, here is what to look for:
-Examples of the Essential Universal Laws in action
-Ultimate triumph of Unselfish Love
-Lessons in adjusting mindset for success or failure - i.e., Raising Vibration

...that's basically it. Why haven't you clicked that link yet?

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